We're Connecting Customers and Companies through Messaging

At Sciens.io, we believe that Messaging will fundamentally change how customers interact with companies. And businesses will need new capabilities to use this emerging, but powerful platform including:

Messaging Strategy
Messaging Channel Implementation and Integration
Conversation Content Management
Data Insights
Bot Development

Our Mission

Sciens.io can help your business develop and deploy messaging platform strategies and capabilities to improve your customer interactions, lower your costs, and establish and deepen a direct one-to-one relationship with your customers.

Why Sciens.io

We bring deep expertise in developing and deploying emerging technologies and capabilities across businesses to create real and measurable customer value and enable IT to be a source of competitive advantage.

Our expertise includes building and deploying messaging and bot solutions for the real-world that are delivering significant value for our customers. We stay on top of the complicated and quickly evolving messaging and bot landscape, so our customers don’t have to. And, we rely on our deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the respective messaging and bot platforms to optimally meet our customers needs.

Our Services

Enterprise messaging strategy and implementation approach.
Messaging channel implementation and technology integration.
Creating and managing rich conversation content.
Capturing and extending customer data to gain better conversation context with a deeper and more actionable understanding of customer need.
Developing tools and messaging bots to deliver high and measurable return on investment.

Connect with Customers

Start today by adding messaging to your existing customer support and pre-sales options with Sciens.io Messaging Solutions. We make it easy with expert knowledge of the technologies and a proven process to help your business get it right.

Concierge EventBot

Putting on an event or conference? You want an efficient way to share event logistics and details with your attendees. Your attendees want access to key event details whenever, wherever they want. It just got a lot easier with Concierge EventBot! No app to download. Anytime, anywhere access on Facebook Messenger, SMS and others.

Product RegistrationBot

Missing valuable insights about your customer purchases? Add Product RegistrationBot and see your registration rates soar! Less friction for customers and customer support. It's a win-win.

  • Coming soon!

Your Customers want their needs addressed quickly, conveniently, and fully.
Your Business wants high quality outcomes, lower costs, and a 1:1 relationship with your customers.
Sciens.io Messaging Solutions can help you achieve your goals!

Ready to bring the power of messaging to your business?

Sciens.io Concierge EventBot

Event App Features in a Text Messaging Experience

Offer your attendees the ease and familiarity of texting to access the information and resources they need to get the most out of their event experience.

Popular Concierge EventBot features include: event agendas and schedules, logistical details, event information, support for structured and natural language conversations, scheduled and ad-hoc push notifications, ability to request human support and usage analytics.

Meet Our Founders

Kristi Colleran

Kristi Colleran
Chief Customer & Product Officer

Accomplished executive with deep experience in implementing technology solutions and business capabilities across a range of industries. Excels in user adoption and program management to deliver results in the most challenging businesses.

Chuck Elias

Chuck Elias
Chief Executive Officer

Growth and business transformation leader and technologist, taking on the toughest challenges at GE, Home Depot, SuperValu and Fortune Brands. Veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard with MBA from Harvard Business School.

Chris Colleran

Chris Colleran
Chief Technology Officer

Developed and deployed emerging technologies for a range of blue-chip clients, including Microsoft, Home Depot, Fortune Brands, and numerous smaller companies. Principal at Lante and Ascentium during periods of explosive growth.

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