Chatbots and AI are Changing the Event App Landscape

By Kristi Colleran - March 26, 2017


Chatbots and AI are here and they are innovating the event industry! The changes these technologies are introducing is why Event MB, the go-to online resource for trends, technology, innovation and education in the event industry, chose to title their 2017 event app guide “The Event App Bible, Reboot”.

Check out this essential reference guide to learn more about the latest trends, how chatbots, like Sciensio's EventBot, stack-up to other event apps and essential questions to ask providers when shopping for an event app or chatbot.

Via this extensive reference guide, you can download the Event TechBible for free and you can also find these helpful resources:

  • Research: What Event Planners Really Think About Event Technology and Tech Usage At Events

  • A Quick 5 Step Event Technology Formula to Roll Out New Event Tech

  • 32 Tips To Get More From Event Technology Tools

  • New Event Technology You Should Know About

  • Event Technology Trends to Transform Your Event

  • 15 Tactics to Use Event Technology to Gain Competitive Advantage

Learn more about how EventBots can increase your attendee engagement.




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