Practical Tips for Using an Event Chatbot

By Kristi Colleran - June 13, 2017

By BizBash


Signs around BizBash Live: Florida provided instructions on how to use the chatbot, dubbed “Betty.” The bot received more than 1,600 questions regarding the one-day event.

Brands like American Express, KLM, Nordstroms, Whole Foods and more are using artificial intelligence-powered systems to communicate with customers to successfully drive engagement and retention. And the event industry has taken notice. Chatbots are gaining popularity at conferences, trade shows and festivals where the automated system can answer questions from attendees faster and more efficiently than human-powered responses.

If you are considering a chatbot for your event or just curious, BizBash, North America’s #1 source of ideas, news and resources for event and meeting professionals, has gathered ideas from two companies, including Sciensio, that provide chatbots for events to help you understand how to effectively use one.

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